Automotive is a notoriously competitive industry and with sales associates working for commission and dealerships striving to reach manufacturer targets, who can blame them? One relatively easy, cost-effective way of gaining a competitive advantage and customer exposure is through getting your Social Media in line with your business and marketing objectives.

Do you need to work on repeat customers and a better brand image, or perhaps you’re trying to penetrate a new area of the market thanks to a new model launch? Either way, here are 10 Social Media post ideas to get the ball rolling.

Business Overview

Buying a car is a big, long-term commitment, so before making such a purchase, your customers will be doing their due diligence. To make this as easy as possible for them, share frequent updates on who you are and what you sell. Educate customers on where they can buy or reserve cars and how to start their new car journey. Furthermore, don’t forget to advertise the Aftersales side of your business also.

Latest Used Car Stock

One thing to remember with the Used Car market is that all stock is different, whether it’s colour, price or miles, which means when a potential customer sees something that matches their needs perfectly, they are going to want to move quickly. Share your latest stock or ‘Manager Specials’ to build interest and drive enquiries or traffic to your website.

New Car Offers

New Car Offers most likely change each month or quarter, so make sure your website and Social Media platforms are frequently updated with any new offers. If you are sharing financial information, make sure it’s compliant, and you have all the necessary T&C’s.

Company News

Are you opening a new dealership or promoting a staff member? Utilise Social Media to keep your customers up to date with what you’re up to as a business. Remember, your posts don’t all need to be sales messages. In fact, the fewer, the better.

If you build excellent brand awareness and reputation through other styles of Social Media posts, then you will be front of mind for your customers when they are ready to buy. Therefore, you will find yourself in a better position than if you were to put them off with constant sales messages that will leave them disengaged and potentially lead them to unfollow you.

Industry News

Industry news could be anything from a new model launch to updates in motoring laws. Your customers will expect you to be fully in the loop with everything occurring in the Automotive Industry, so be ready to answer any questions they may have. With this in mind, it’s also worth holding back on any news or articles that are simply speculation. Wait for the final announcement before adding to rumours.

Customer Handovers

Think of this like word of mouth, through pictures. As long as you have the customers consent (and blur out their number plate), it’s nice to see other people’s purchases as we’re all nosey at heart. Customers will also feel honoured that you want to share their story on your social media platforms and will likely like, comment or share the post, which will extend your reach to their friends and family.

Meet The Team

By putting a face to a name, you will make your employees and brand feel more approachable. You can also sneak in facts around how experienced your team are by mentioning how long they’ve been working in the industry.


Dealerships will often hold events throughout the year, and Social Media is a handy way of spreading the word to your existing and potential customers. Utilise Facebook’s ‘Event’ feature to provide your audience with all the information that they need and help you get an idea of how many people are attending.

Customer Testimonials 

Similar to the customer handover, utilise your customers for some great content. Customer testimonials may come through via an email, or Social Media post so be sure to ask permission and then share the positive feedback with your audience. It’s easier to trust a brand that is recommended by others.

Charity Work 

If you are associated with or sponsor a charity, then this would be a great post to share with your Social Media following. Not only will you be showing your business in a good light, but you’ll gain extra support and exposure for the charity too.

Always remember to monitor your engagement levels across all of the Social Media platforms that you are using. If you see a decline in engagement, this will likely impact your reach, and you may need to mix it up a bit. Try adding GIF’s and videos to keep the visual aspect of your content interesting. 

Now you know what you should be posting, learn how to create images for your posts: blog here