With over 60 million active business pages on Facebook and over 25 million business profiles on Instagram, now is the time to mix up your Social Media content and gain a competitive edge. Here are 11 post ideas to get the ball rolling.

1. Business Info 

Even if your page has been around for a long time already, you will have gained new followers along the way and hopefully, this number is always increasing. Therefore, it’s important to keep reminding your audience who you are and what you do. Although it may be obvious that you are a florist, your fans will also be interested in your business backstory.

Think about:

  • Who You Are
  • What You Do
  • Where You’re Based (Or Deliver To)
  • When You Launched
  • How You Got to Where You Are Today

2. Seasonal Flowers 

You should know better than anyone which flowers are most common and thriving during each season. Educate your audience on what they can shop for during Spring, Summer, Winter or Autumn. This could help them choose décor for weddings, parties or even plan the perfect gift for a loved one.

Furthermore, think about which colours you tend to see each season (bright in the summer, darker shades towards autumn and winter) and build up your feed to be ‘on trend’. Following the seasons will keep your imagery and content looking fresh and relevant.

3. Monthly Flowers 

Similar to the above, different occasions call for different flowers. For example, each month has a different birthstone associated with it – which flowers match these gem colours and consider whether this could influence a birthday range.

Most months will also have an annual holiday that can influence what (or who) people are shopping for and what flowers or colours they’re looking at. For example, February we have Valentine’s Day which is typically a red rose whilst Easter could be all about yellow daffodils. December is taken over by Christmas which might bring an increase in the demand for a poinsettia, but Halloween in October could be black, orange and green bouquets.

4. Top Tips

One great way to keep your followers engaged and add value to them following you is to provide top tips. This could be on how to style a vase, keep flowers fresh or even how to dry them properly to keep sentimental bouquets for longer.

5. DIY

Do you hold classes, training courses or workshop sessions? For example, these could be private, corporate, hen do or kid-friendly. If so, don’t forget to tell your followers how much they cost, how often they’re held and how to book.

6. Behind the Scenes

Some products can be incredibly intricate and creative so bring your audience along for the ride with behind the scenes access to your shop or workstation. This could be through photographs, pre-recorded (and therefore editable) videos or by going live on your platform of choice with step by step narrative and top tips.

7. Promotions 

If you’re in a position to offer a discount, promotional code or hold a competition then Social Media is a great way to get the word out. Be sure to make all T&Cs clear and follow guidelines set out by the Social Media Platform.

8. Giftshop

Florists often stock additional gifts or offer chocolates and/or cuddly toys with bouquets. Don’t forget to showcase these on your social media channels too, it doesn’t have to be exclusively flowers!

9. Customer Generated

People love to share snaps of their flowers, whether they’re treating themselves or receiving a gift. Encourage your customers to tag you in their posts so you can share across your business platforms too – with permission of course. You could even create your own hashtag.

10. Customer Feedback and Reviews

There is no better way to promote yourself than for others to do it for you. If you’re receiving great feedback, then share this across your Social Media platforms for all to see. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for feedback – even if they have some constructive criticism you will learn something new and be able to adapt and improve going forward.

11. Events

If you’re supplying the flowers for weddings, parties or even funerals don’t forget to get a snap of your creation to share across Social Media so your audience knows the full range of products and services you provide.

Remember: These suggestions shouldn’t be done as ‘one-off’ posts. Use all 11 ideas to build up a mix of content that continuously influences a strong Social Media Content Planner.

Use key metrics across your platforms to analyse and review which content your audience is responding to the best. This could be down to the style of content, day/time you post or a combination of everything. Use the results to influence what you post going forward.

If you have lots of post ideas but struggle to schedule your content we can help.